You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers (and if we don’t then send us an enquiry via the Contact Us page).

  • BUSINESS QUESTIONS cover answers to commonly asked questions about our business, pickup, etc.
  • PALLET QUESTIONS cover answers in regards to pallets we buy, what we do and don’t buy, and other quick questions.


Due to security, and workplace health and safety, please contact us if you wish to visit the yard.

MARKS PALLETS is a fully insured business.

Every used pallet is checked to ensure it is of the highest quality.

We check for stray nails, chips and cracks, missing boards, and ensure pallets are clean and fungi/mould free.


We do not buy, sell, or pickup either of these companies pallets, and recommend anyone in possession of one (and not a customer of CHEP/LOSCAM) to return them to to their respective companies.

Any business who offers to buy your CHEP or LOSCAM, walk straight away from, and contact CHEP/LOSCAM directly to report them.

We do not buy skids.

We will reply to your sales enquiry requesting photos if we are interested in purchasing your pallets.

We will, with some exceptions.

Certain businesses have pallets which they retain ownership of, and without the express written permission of that business, we will not take such pallets. Unfortunately the industry has seen such people overlook said demands to turn a quick dollar via online marketplaces.

Companies such as CHEP and LOSCAM retain ownership of their pallets, and lease them out.

Some brick yards also retain ownership of pallets, and hence we will not accept them.

We also do not pickup or purchase broken pallets or skids.

If you have Standard Pallets, EPAL Euro Pallets, and/or Plastic Pallets that are in good re-saleable condition, please submit an enquiry from our main page.

We would strongly recommend against burning timber used in pallets. Even though non treated pallets will not release pesticide when burned, there is still potential danger regarding any fluids / chemicals the pallet has retained / come in contact with over a lifetime.

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